Architectural Requests

To submit an architectural request, you must download and fill out the Coronado Ranch Architectural Request form and then upload it to the owner portal. You can log into the portal with the “Resident Sign-In” button in the upper right hand corner of this page. Please contact Heywood Management if you need help accessing the portal.

How to submit a request:

  1. Login into the portal
  2. Select “My Reservations & Requests” on the left hand side of the screen and under that select “My Architectural Requests.”
  3. Click the green “New Architectural Request” button in the upper right hand corner of that page.
  4. The prompts will ask you to describe your request, download the Coronado Ranch Arch Approval Request form, fill out that form, and then upload it.
  5. Please include drawing, pictures, plans, etc. that help explain and show the changes or improvements you are wanting to make.

You can find the pre-approved paint schemes here: Dune Edwards Colors or Sherwin Williams Colors

YOU STILL NEED APPROVAL – But if you select the exact color combinations, approval is guaranteed.

** Garage doors must be painted the body color!

** You must use all the colors in the scheme exactly as specified to use pre-approved color schemes.

** Front doors may be painted the body, pop-out, or trim color.